Trutz wants to create with his idea behind Feralstuff something new, something that is an alternative to the existing labels. An alternative that doesn't take itself too serious. He wanted to give his buyers an individual freedom. Thus arose in October 2013, were the idea of interchaneable motivs on a sweater arose. In October 2013, the site has gone online. Since than shirts and bags have been added to the online shop. New are now the patches, which are fully embroidered and have a very high quality appearance, these patches are qualitative a step up from the normal patches. Trough the colorful motives and always new ideas Feralstuff is bulding the online shop up. Beside the embroidered patches there are new backpacks that also can be designed individually. Brand new in the shop are the caps they have embroidered and colorful motives. Trutz and his crew are always working on new ideas for patches and clothes. For him it isn't about to sell an anonymous product. He wants to sell an individual product and spread friendship and joy with his clothes.